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orbital city

Città orbitale
Digital animation
6 min. 23 sec.
Color, 256 x 192

Musical timbres: Riccardo Sinigaglia
Città orbitale is made up of eight sections, lasting 55, 34, 89, 55, 34, 55, 21 and 34 seconds respectively. All these numbers belong to the Fibonacci’s sequence.

In addition, the visual events in Città orbitale — such as the appearance of a point, a line, or a shape — always take place in points that belong to the golden rectangles inscribed within the golden rectangle defined by the frame.

This work is about a journey towards a hypothetical hologram in deep space. The essential figurative style borders with the abstract.

Città orbitale has been created with a Yamaha CX5MII computer. This machine was chosen because of its audiovisual capabilities.